Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Land of Lincoln & the Centennial State Tour

June 16, 2016:  Yep, we are about to be on the road again on a major RV trip.

Trip preview:  Our plan for this trip is to travel north to Illinois to meet our Great-Granddaughter for the first time, as well as visiting our oldest son and family, Bill's sister and visit our farm to see how things are going.  After a few days there we will head West to Colorado to visit two more sons and our Granddaughter out there.  We have no other set plan, no camping reservations made or even determined for sure how long the trip will be or where else we may go, although possibilities include UT and AZ.  

Yep, we will be free spirits--wandering where the road takes us. I hope you will come along.  We are planning to do something new that we recently learned about--we plan to do some Facebook Live events.  They may or may not be planned/announced ahead of time, so keep watching for us.  I also plan to do more videos for this blog than we normally do, too.

Our plan is to bring the new trailer home from storage Saturday, June 18, and get it ready for the trip, stocked, etc., and leave for IL Tuesday, June 21.  We plan a leisurely three day trip up to IL.  

I do need to mount a new power outlet in the trailer.  This one has three functions: 1) a 12vdc power socket (like the old cigarette lighter sockets), 2) a double USB charging port, and 3) a digital voltmeter to keep track of our onboard 12 volt batteries charge level.  I have decided to mount this into a piece of paneling to the right of the onboard entertainment center.  It will require cutting four one inch holes in the panel to mount it and a power switch properly, then running wires down to the 12 volt fuse panel located about three feet down.  Here's a couple of pictures of the new outlet set.

The new power panel and switch I need to mount in the trailer.
I've already made up the wiring harness for the new panel.

Further updates, soon.